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Golden Goal Slot Game Review

by Jenny
Golden Goal Slot

The game is deep into extra time, and you have the chance for glory lying in front of you. Will you be able to line up the perfect shot and take home eternal slot machine glory? With Golden Goal, there is every chance that you will be able to do that, thanks to the Play’n Go slot machines progressive jackpot bounty. With 3-reels and just 1 payline, this is bound to be a tight game, but all it takes is a moment of magic to turn the game on its head and become a spinning legend.

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Golden Goal Slot

Ready for Kick Off

Footy. Soccer. 22 men running around kicking a ball, falling over from time to time. Whatever you want to call it, the game of football is one of the most popular sports in the world, watched and enjoyed by millions of people in every corner of the globe. It can make and break friendships and it can create heroes and villains, all in the name of sporting entertainment.

This slot machine by Play’n Go software aims to give slot machine players a little taste of that action while remaining true to the retro arcade format of the gambling game. As such, Golden Goal features 3 reels that revolve within a simple game screen set up – no fancy animations and no snazzy flashing lights to distract you from the spins.

Upon those reels, punters will find a number of classically essential props that any good football match needs, such as football boots, a referee’s whistle and some goalkeeper gloves. And, of course, no match would be complete with the all important football. However, the football icon shown on these reels is a golden as the Jules Rimet Trophy.