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Japan Gov’t plans to help prevent gambling addiction

by new_c_admin

The Japanese government has proposed a set of measures to help prevent gambling addiction, which includes installing facial recognition systems at pachinko parlors, boat and horse racing venues. The aim is to make it possible to refuse entry of verified gambling addicts and minors (under the age of 20).

The government has invited the public to share their thoughts online regarding these gambling addiction initiatives until March 27.In April 2018, the government approved the development and operation of integrated resorts (IRs), which include on-site casinos.

Among the anti-addiction proposals is installing a face-based authentication system at gambling venues and pachinko parlors by 2021, whereby images of the addict can be stored at the request of addicts themselves or their families.

Meanwhile, 20 major cities in Japan have said they will begin setting up treatment and support centers for gambling addicts by 2020.

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