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Hanoi circuit added to F1 simulation system

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Hanoi circuit added to F1 simulation system

Hanoi is the newest circuit of the F1 2020 season. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vietnam Grand Prix scheduled for April has been postponed indefinitely.

The Hanoi racetrack will be added to the global tournament’s simulation system with no new date announced for Vietnam’s first-ever race.

In a video of more than two minutes posted on the Formula 1 home page, the Hanoi circuit is briefly introduced with details about its length, a number of corners, drag reduction system (DRS) trigger areas, and speed trap areas.

Formula 1 also provided the first images on the simulator devised for racing at the Hanoi circuit. The videos are recorded from the perspective of the racers, as well as the angles of the television camera.

Therefore, the racers haven’t had the chance to burn their tires on the Hanoi racetrack. They also haven’t got the opportunity to experience the race in the simulation system. When F1 hosted the simulation tournament during the Covid-19 break in April, they had to replace the track in Hanoi with one from Australia.

However, with the Hanoi circuit being added to the simulation system now, people can experience all the corners of track before the real race.

The circuit will also make its debut in the official video game of the Formula 1 Championship to be released this summer. The Formula 1 2020 racing game, developed and published by Codemasters, will be available starting July 10.

Hanoi signed a 10-year contract to host the race starting this year, and it could be extended further in the eighth year.

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