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Health Ministry urges Esports associations to regulate their sports

by new_c_admin
Deputy health minister Dr Lee Boon Chye

The Health Ministry has called on Esports industry, associations and its players to regulate their own health and well being.

He said Esports was a new popular activity among the younger generation and as such the guidelines need to be put in place to protect the gamers from suffering mental and physical health.

“I urge those who are in this Esports arena to come out with rules and regulations so that we can manage the Esports itself.

“I think it is better for those involved in Esports to come out with their own regulations rather than the ministry itself such as BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) regulates badminton and FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) regulates football,” he said.

Similar to athletes in traditional sports consuming prohibited performance-enhancing drugs to become stronger and faster, Dr Lee suggested anti-doping measures to be also included in the rules and regulations of Esports.

“Just like in the Philippines (enforcing anti-doping test), we hope Malaysia will follow suit in the Esports arena,”


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