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Hells Grannies Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Hells Grannies Slot

What’re you lookin’ at, youngin?

The grannies are out on the streets, and they sure are cranky. These cranky cranky grannies are out to wreak havoc in town in this surrealist slots game.

Cranky Grannies from Hell

Tear up the streets with these thugs for life at their golden ages. The Hells Grannies are here in the streets to bring swift justice. These Hells Grannies roam the streets and keep the streets safe for everyone. Their bravery and bravado are renowned in the entire city.

The Hells Grannies slots game features a very rough layout. Making things down and dirty on the streets and keeping it real. The thug life chose these cranky grannies and it shows on the music. That plays whenever you spin the slots reels.

The reels are set on a backdrop of a warehouse ghetto city corner, fully immersing you in the environment. The symbols  on the slots reels also fully represent the gangsta theme of the slots game. Bandanna granny, mohawk granny, hoodie granny, the tattooed fists, and the other granny symbols.

Start Playing Hells Grannies Slots Game

The Wild symbol in the game is the Knit Fast Die Warm Wild symbol. When you hit this Wild symbol on your spins, they will help you make matches on the slots reels by substituting for any other symbol in the game  that appears on the slots reels. This will increase your chances of making matches!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The scatter symbol in the Hells Grannies slots game is represented by the Hells Grannies logo Scatter symbol. Scatters pay in any position, and wins are multiplied by total wager. The Hells Grannies Scatter symbol is one to look out for.

When you hit three or more scatters, you trigger the Spin It to Win It special feature. The game transitions into the second screen bonus wheel spin.

The screen will have a wheel with different values of free spins and multipliers on each index. The player will be prompted to spin the wheel. Wheel will spin and stop on an index with free spins and a multiplier!

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In this slots game, the beauty comes in its simplicity. Whereas in other slots games, things may become overly complicated, Hells Grannies slots games keeps things simple with the player and the games all the way, ensuring that the player is able to continue playing while keeping things accessible for all levels. A truly ingenious innovation in slots game technology.

Play Hells Grannies Slots Game today!

This really gangsta slots game keeps things real and out on the streets where the action happens. and  where people exchange cash.

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