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Hoo Hey How Slot Game Review

by jenx
Hoo Hey How Slot

Hoo Hey How is a classic Chinese dice game. When this classic Chinese game meets a classic slot, fun and huge payout will come!

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Hoo Hey How Gameplay

Hoo Hey How Slot

Hoo Hey How is a classic 3×3 reel, 1-line slot. The name of the game is derived from the Chinese names of three of the principal symbols used in the game. The six faces of the die are fish, prawn, crab, stag, gourd and rooster. The fish (Hoo), the prawn (Hey) and the king crab (How). So the game’s name really means Fish Prawn Crab.

The soundtrack perfectly ties in with the game’s theme, playing out traditional Chinese melodies that add to the charm. This is a game with its eye firmly on high-stakes players and high rollers, as the stakes prove. Not surprisingly, there are some huge cash prizes on offer. Players can win up to 3,000 coins!


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