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Ice And Fire Slot Game Review

by Jenny
Ice And Fire Slot

Contrast is the way of life. Ice and fire are two of the most important natural elements, and are often associated as opposing forces due to their obvious nature.

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Ice And Fire Gameplay

Right from the dark of the dusk to the bright of the dawn and from zeroes of absence to ones of presence in digital universe. Ever-opposing elements are known to define pretty much everything around us. This game is out of the ordinary, you’ll find two 5×5 boards side by side. The blue on the left representing Ice and the red on the right representing Fire. Each board has 60 pay-lines, two sides of the same coin.

Ice And Fire is a cascading game, upon initiating the game spin each reel – both reel windows use the same reel strips. Symbols above the removed symbols drop down to fill in the empty position.

Slot Game Bonus Feature

Ice And Fire Slot