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eSports a Major Contender

by new_c_admin
eSports Trends

Trends are important in the iGaming industry and entrepreneurs are hot on their trails. It is a fast-moving enterprise and competition is tough and player experience is a dominating factor.

In search of trends to stay ahead, operators look to deliver the latest technology and the most popular games. They should look at Esports, an exploding vertical in iGaming. Tons of new titles appear all the time, following on the heels of Overwatch and Fortnite.

In the arena of hot trends, Esports is a major contender. Proof is that Apex Legends boasts 25 million players within one week of launch. The numbers are impressive and a wider pool of games will surely follow.

As a result, leading brands like Red Bull, Nike and Mercedes Benz are becoming Esports sponsors. Watch for more to come as the industry explodes.

Cryptocurrency Still Viable

Among trends, cryptocurrency is still viable and blockchain technology has its place in the iGaming realm. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the major digital currencies while others are entering the market.

More and more operators are getting on the burgeoning bandwagon. The younger demographic is the target here as with Esports. All eyes are on the industry shift to a tokenized economy.

Other Trends Include no Bonus Casinos and Cashback

Mention must be made of another trend to stay on top of — no bonus casinos and cashback. This indicates the value of upgrading service to customers. Free spins and welcome bonuses are old hat. Now players can enjoy casino cashback and no bonus offerings.

If it benefits the players, it benefits the casino operators. Customers like rewards of all types, and cashback is tops on the list right now as an incentive. Losers don’t have to go home emptyhanded.

Trends can die of course and time will tell. The iGaming aficionados are fickle but for the moment, they are fully on board with these currents.

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