Illusions 2 Slots Game Review

Illusions 2 Slots Game Review

This is a slot all about the wonders of the magic show, featuring such symbols as a rabbit emerging from a hat, a crystal ball, the bunch of flowers that suddenly appears out of nowhere and the lady assistant holding a dove. However one symbol trumps them all at this slot – the magician himself. This magician has something of a long face with a pencil thin moustache and stares out at you, almost as if he is about to place you into a state of hypnosis, although personally I don’t believe a slot magician could hypnotise anyone. Cluck. Cluck. No, not going to happen. Cluck.

This slot has something of a sense of humour, which is best shown by the rather bored expression on the face of the rabbit. Graphically it is good, but it does suffer a little from the fact that there are so many playing card symbols on the reels, which aren’t really necessary with so much scope in the theme of the slot. The slot is set at the theatre, with the dark stage and the curtains forming the backdrop to the reels. Each spin is met by the authentic sound of the reels with each win greeted by a suitable enchanting sound.

Setup and Play for Illusions 2 Slot

This slot, like the majority of other games found online has five reels. You’ll find 30 win lines and you’ll be able to play 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or the full 30 lines. You’ll also choose the line bet size and the coin value which in conjunction with the number of win lines will give you your total take for each spin from 30c and up.

To win you’ll need to land three or more consecutive symbols in a row on a win line from left to right. The largest wins come when you land five in a row and the assistant is the top paying symbol at 1,000 coins. This actually swamps the other symbols in terms of pay out, with the rabbits and the flowers paying just 300 coins and the crystal ball paying just 120 for 5 in a row. The playing card symbols pay between 120 and 60 coins for a full house.

The auto spin feature will continue until you tell it to stop, although if you do land a feature, the game will stop automatically. Of course, should the magician magically take all of your money, you’ll also find the game will stop!

Wild symbols in this game are the white gloved hands of the magician, slightly strange in the fact that they have no arms attached. This wild symbol has three different multipliers randomly, with 2x, 3x and 5x, as well as appearing with no multiplier at all. If using this wild to actually gain a win, the multiplier will come into effect, giving you a much bigger win than usual.

There is also a scatter symbol where you’ll win a cash prize. This is the title symbol and if 3, 4 o4 5 of these appear anywhere across the reels, you’ll win 5x, 10x or 25x your total stake when playing.

The final symbol at the game is the magician himself and should he appear three or more times on the reels, the free spins feature at the slot is activated.

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