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Immigration Malaysia Busts Online Gambling Syndicate

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Online Gambling Malaysia

The Immigration Department of Malaysia has busted an online gambling syndicate run by Chinese nationals following raids at four residences.

A total of 16 immigration officers took part in the raid and nabbed 35 Chinese men and a Chinese woman, who worked as online gambling operators for the syndicate.

A Malaysian citizen, who played the role of communications officer for the main operator based in China, was also arrested. The Malaysian had arranged for the accommodation of the detained foreigners who are aged between 17 and 56.

The deputy director-general of the Immigration Department (operations) said that the syndicate earned over RM10,000 per day. He also said that except for four of the foreigners held, the rest did not possess passports and had overstayed their social visit visas.

They seized a large number of cell phones and laptop computers at the premises. The syndicate offered gambling similar to games found in casinos and targeted Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian players. The syndicate began its operation about five months ago. They will notify the police of the raids we conducted to enable them to take further action.

All those arrested are being held for investigations at the Putrajaya immigration detention depot.

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