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Isle of Wight a hotspot for Online Gambling

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Isle of Wight a hotspot for Online Gambling

Recently, the Isle has been turning into a massive hub for another kind of entertainment based online. According to some analysts, the Isle of Wight is turning into a hotspot for online casino and sportsbook operators, and its popularity is likely to grow even further.

This is not so hard to believe in, as, after all, the Isle is part of the UK. In fact, it has been widely known as “England in miniature”, not to mention its close proximity to the city of Portsmouth and the Hampshire coast. The location has been having an effect on the culture of the Isle, meaning that the general attitude towards gambling, sports betting and casinos here has been affected by the UK gambling culture.

The last thirty years have seen the UK become one of the biggest and best-regulated gambling markets in the world. On the other hand, gambling and games of chance have been part of the “national pastime” for quite some time now. And since the Isle of Wight is part of the UK, online gambling operators, who have been offering their services in the UK, these services have been available on the Isle, too.

Online Gambling Services Get More Preferred on the Isle of Wight

For the time being, there are no land-based casino venues on the Isle of Wight despite its relatively dense population (more than 140,000 residents), not to mention the vivid tourism industry that brings a lot of visitors here every year.

Taking into account these facts, it could be surprising that no one has decided to invest in establishing a large casino resort on the Isle of Wight. There have been some plans for a large investment in large casinos on the Island, which the Labour Government announced in 2007, but things have not reached any further. Since that, no initiatives for the development of the land-based gambling industry on the Isle have been started.

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