Jekyll & Hyde Slots Game Review

Jekyll & Hyde Slots Game Review

Feel the tingling of the spine as the process begins.

Enter the dark streets of Victorian Era London. The city has progressed quickly over the years, but it is also where we have lost our humanity. Jekyll appears as a horrific slots antagonist in this slots game by Microgaming on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia –!

Be swallowed by the horrors of this creepy game about the infamous London serial killer and his alter ego as they skulk the streets for their dastardly deeds. Win real life Malaysian Ringgit over such atrocity and win it big  on this number one slots game site –!

The Nature of Duality

There is a certain sense of mysticism and mystery when it comes to the subject of twos. It has long been a  topic of discussion amongst scientists and philosophers. The concept of the two. The intricate builds of nature where two  becomes one and one becomes two. Jekyll and Hyde is an embodiment of that duality in nature – and nurture. Jekyll is an inspiring young doctor which is on the fast lane to success, but he is haunted by his deeper darker self – Hyde. Hyde is the darkness that is consuming him from within, and allows him to go out into the city and return unscathed.

The Jekyll and Hyde online slots game brings you into the creepy creaky world of Victorian-era  London with the creepy rustic style of music where it keeps you constantly on edge while it screeches along. There is a certain “street” aesthetic about the graphics in the game, and keeps with the oldschool scifi horror thematic elements. The slots reels display the items relevant to the theme of the game, like the Dr Jekyll symbol, the Jekyll and Hyde scatter symbol, the mysterious brown woman symbol, the purple poison bottle symbol, the red lab experiments with fumes symbol, and other various horrible horror symbols.

Start Playing Jekyll & Hyde Slots Game

One thing that you’ll notice the moment you start this game is the simplicity – a hallmark of this wonderful developer and its dedication to quality and substance. This signature simplicity ensures we are not overwhelmed with the freedom of choice. An excess of choice makes decision-making difficult, and the limitation of choices in this game is a fine example of how this can be fully harnessed to improve player experience.

In the Jekyll & Hyde slots game, you will have to either adjust the value of each coin, the number of coins to bet, or the bet max button. The value of each coin is the amount in MYR you wish each coin to represent. The higher the value, the higher the value of your wins whenever you make matches in your spins! The number of coins to bet decides the number of coins you wish to wager on each line in this slots game. The more lines you bet on and the bigger the bet on each line, the bigger your chance of winning big! Get more for your money when you bet into the max! Hit the Bet Max button and the game automatically goes and bets the maximum allowed amount. This will maximise your winnings whenever you make matches! Go big or go home!

The Wild symbol in this game is represented by the fiery Wild symbol. Whenever the fiery Wild symbol appears, it will help you make matches on the reels by substituting for other symbols that may appear! The highest win is paid whenever the Wild makes matches.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde scatter symbols, whenever three or more of the Scatter symbols appear, you will instantly trigger the Mr Hyde Free Spin feature. In this special feature, the player is awarded with ten free spins! When triggered, Dr Jekyll symbols will change into Mr Hyde symbols. During the Mr Hyde free spin feature, all Dr Hyde symbols will pay extra! Get three or more Scatter symbols during your free spins to get even more free spins stacked on top! Keep the good luck flowing and Mr Hyde prowling!

Set the auto play function in this slots game and let the game play by itself! Feel the power of science and automation – the price of progress is often worth it. With the auto play function, you can set the game to automatically spin itself for up to five hundred times, and also automatically stop spinning whenever you hit a certain amount or more in winnings.

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Feed into the horror of the city streets on this thrilling slots machine by Microgaming. Play the Jekyll & Hyde online slots game today on the number one Malaysian Online Casino and Sports Betting website today –! New players instantly qualify for a free bonus!