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Jewel Quest Riches Slots Game Review

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Jewel Quest Riches Slots Game Review

Jewel Quest Riches Slot Game

Jewels and candy are what this title is all about. Borrowing most of its features from other popular candy and jewel-themed games, Microgaming the developers of this pokie managed to create a game that bridges the gap which exists between modern video games and modern slots. Without further ado, let’s check out Jewel Quest Riches Slot Game Review.

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Jewel Quest Riches Gameplay

Jewel Quest Riches is a 5×5 slot game, the preferred format for these gem-themed slots. The way you win big in this game is by creating chain reactions. With each successive win, the value of your multiplier goes up, to a maximum of 13x. There are no less than 8 puzzle boards to this game, which comprises elements of both skill and chance.

This is something that a handful of developers have started experimenting with recently, and jewel-based drop effect slots are the perfect vehicle for this. The theory is that in getting players to take a vested interest in actually playing rather than just blindly pushing a button, they’ll increase player retention. From the gambler’s perspective, anything that increases your chances of winning has got to be worth a shot.

Online Slots Bonus Feature

There’s a selection of three mini games built into Jewel Quest Riches, which have the potential to award you as much as 12 bonus moves. The more moves you get of course the easier it becomes to match more identical jewels and gems on a line. There’s also a multiplier mini game which will award you as much as 40x and a local progressive jackpot. This will grow by 6x your stake and to claim it all you have to do is complete one of the puzzle boards – which is easier said than done admittedly.

One of the coolest things about the bonus levels in Jewel Quest Riches is that they’ll give you a chance to travel about its fantasy worlds, hopping from Mayan Mysteries to Sands of Pharaohs and from The Endless Isles to Legends of Exiles.

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