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Jose Mourinho admits he lost his passion

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Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has admitted he lost his passion for football during the latter stages of his tenure at Manchester United.

The 56-year-old was sacked by the Red Devils last December amid a toxic atmosphere and a dreadful run of form at Old Trafford.

After being appointed as Tottenham’s new boss earlier this week, following the dismissal of Mauricio Pochettino, Mourinho has looked noticeably chirpier compared to his final days at United.

And while it was clear to see, Jose Mourinho finally admitted that he was unhappy in the north west of England. 

‘I have to admit, yes [I lost my passion],’ Mourinho said.

‘When you are not happy, people feel it. Happiness can be used to influence people to be better and you can use it to influence people to be more enthusiastic. Yes, I have to admit, yes.’

While Mourinho was relieved of his duties at United, he maintains his relationship with the club’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward remains strong.

After being appointed as Pochettino’s successor, Mourinho revealed that Woodward was one of the first to text and congratulate him on his new role.

Mourinho said: ‘Maybe I get the opportunity to apologise for not answering 500 (phone calls) of them that I couldn’t answer. I have 700 but only had time to answer 200.

‘But it was curious to see, from my last club, so many people showing me that respect, empathy and feeling. It was nice.

‘All of them were special. The first one was from (United managing director) Richard Arnold. The third, fourth or fifth was Ed Woodward. And they were my bosses.’

The relationship between Woodward and Mourinho always appeared to be on the brink of collapse during the manager’s reign at Old Trafford as they battled over transfers.

Mourinho, however, thinks his relationship with new employer Daniel Levy will be much more civil. 

‘Yes, I think we will get on well,’ he added. ‘He explained to me the vision for the club and I embraced that. It was one of the most important reasons I accepted. So when I did that, it’s a very good start.’

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