Judge Dredd Slots Game Review

Judge Dredd Slots Game Review


Enter the dystopian city of the future, Mega-City One – a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Join the tough Judge Dredd as he brings justice to the streets, on the streets in this hardcore, no-nonsense slots game by Qtech on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – EMP88.com!

Kick down doors and apply swift justice towards the scum and villainy in the big city. Hit it big and win Malaysian Ringgit in the most righteous way in this epic online digital slots machine on EMP88.com.

Justice in the Dystopian City

Crime has risen to intolerable levels, and as a method of curbing the insanity, a new type of police force has risen from the ashes – the “street judge”. Part law enforcement and part judicial officer, this new brand of police force is granted the ability to be judge, jury and executioner. Judge Dredd is the most infamous of these street judges, known for his ruthlessness and deadly efficiency in flexing the strong arm of the law. In a world where the general populace knows no kindness or mercy, deadly force and brutality is the only answer to keeping the peace.

The Judge Dredd slots game takes on a similar atmosphere with the design of its slots game. The slots game takes on futuristic electronic beats with a serious hardcore tone, immersing the player in the emotions felt by denizens of Mega-City One. The background takes on a juxtapositional feel with its serene rays of light covering the dystopian cyberpunk aesthetic of the city skyline. The images shown in the slots reel symbols represent the many items shown in the Judge Dredd universe – Dredd’s fist of justice, his pistol “Lawmaker”, his motorcycle “Lawmaster”, his nemesis, the judge’s badge, and the titular Judge Dredd himself.

Start Playing Judge Dredd Slots Game

Bring on swift justice to the streets with Judge Dredd. To start on your mission, all you have to do is determine the amount in MYR you wish to bet per line, and the level of SuperBet you wish to apply in the game. SuperBet is a special feature in the Judge Dredd slots game not often seen. There are three levels, and the level of SuperBet increases the chances of triggering the I AM THE LAW special feature – Judge Dredd randomly shows up and shoots the slots reels, awarding you with free prizes! The SuperBet function also increases the winnings whenever you trigger the free games special feature!

The Judge Dredd symbol in this slots game represent the “Wild” feature. Whenever you hit a Judge Dredd symbol in this game, it will help you make more matches with the other symbols that appear, increasing your chances of winning!

The Scatter symbol in the Judge Dredd slots game is represented by the Judge Dredd Badge. Whenever you hit three or more of the Judge Dredd Badges in a single spin, you are awarded immediately with ten free games! During the free games, you get increased chances of the Judge Dredd Wild symbol appearing, as well as increasing the multipliers for your free spins! Justice has never tasted so sweet.

Judge Dredd will judge on many things, but not when you take a gamble. Whenever you hit a win on a spin, you are awarded with the opportunity to use the Gamble function in this slots game. Hit the Gamble button that lights up and you are brought into a mini game. In this mini game, you can either choose from Red or Black, or choose from one of four playing card suits. If you choose the correct colour from Red or Black, your winnings are instantly doubled (2x)! If you choose the correct card suit, you immediately get quadruple (4x) your winnings!

In the future, automation is king. The Judge Dredd slots game is no different. It allows you to set the slots machine to automatically spin for up to one hundred times without human intervention. Let the machines do the work for you – all you have to do is stand by for the winnings in Malaysian Ringgit!

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