Jungle Rumble Slots Game Review

Jungle Rumble Slots Game Review

The jungle, an environment where only the strongest survive, is now the home of what looks to be a very impressive new online slots game. With danger to be found in every turn, if you play any slots game in the weeks to come you’d best make sure that it is Jungle Rumble, the latest slot by Habanero.

Set Amidst the Wild

Jungle Rumble looks vibrant and alive, with it really jumping off the screen. The game boasts a vibrant green in the distance, which places the player right in the middle of this jungle. The banner is fantastic, as it looks to be made of rock with plants growing on it. The reels themselves are scrolls, which one would think is used by any one of the tribes found within this game.

One of these tribe members, Pygmy, awaits your arrival too. Don’t worry, he may carry a shield and spear but if you play it right, he will be of great help.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

On the reels you can see a baboon, their huts, a gun, tribal necklaces, elephants, and a man-eating plant. To the left and right of the reels are numbers that link to the paylines available in this game. Each line is given a different color too, in order to identify and differentiate them. Overall, Jungle Rumble proves to be a game that is full of life and does a fantastic job in capturing the jungle aesthetic.

Jungle Rumble really does feature an educated and adaptable control system. There are several options that are available to the player, which will allow you to play for some very big stakes indeed. This interface holds displays for your coin, lines, and bet level. You can adjust all of these displays with the “+” or “-“ button.

The coin display is your total bet and the bet level, with the highest bet level in Jungle Rumble being 10. Your total balance will be shown on the bottom left of the screen, along with the total bet value on the right of that display. When it comes to controls, outside of the big spin button, that is pretty much all you need to know.

The Sweet Sounds of the Outdoors

Jungle Rumble, for all its visual action, is actually a rather quiet affair, as there isn’t in much in the way of sounds until the reels start spinning. But when you win, there is plenty of celebration in the jungle. It may be either a small chime or a full on dance tune developed by the tribe of the jungle.

The paylines are highlighted on screen when in effect and the number associated with that payline jumps in order to show you that you’ve secured a win. You will also see a number pop up that shows the worth of that payline win. All in all, you will always be informed of all the moves made in Jungle Rumble and that way you can stay on top of your game.

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