King Kong Slots Game Review

King Kong Slots Game Review

The giant beast of Skull Island has escaped and is wreaking havoc in New York City!

Join the hulking ape as he smashes his way through the city that never sleeps! Watch the giant gorilla as he swings your spins to great fortune in this digital online slots machine about King Kong by Qtech, available on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia –!

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Monkey Business

King Kong was a legendary movie set in 1933 – an ambitious film producer sets on a journey to Skull Island to find the perfect location for his upcoming film. At the island, his film crew crosses path with an awe-inspiring beast of giant girth, and the great gorilla promptly falls in love with his lead actress, Ann Darrow. As the crew sets off to rescue their lead actress, they also hatched a nefarious plan – to capture King Kong and bring him to New York as a prized exhibit. Such an ingenious plan is bound to backfire, and the rest is history – setting up the stage for the iconic scene of the gargantuan ape upon the Empire State Building, swatting biplanes like giant flies.

The King Kong slots game captures the nostalgic theme of 1933 New York, capturing the classic art deco style in its slots reel borders, and bold text that screams with the rage of a primal creature. The background carries the iconic New York night skyline, and the music carries the slow buildup towards the movie’s climactic tower finish. The reels themselves are represented by symbols that represent various significant images from the classical movie – the tickets to the King Kong exhibit, King Kong’s shackles, the skull from Skull Island, a classical film camera, a crab spider, the boat used to transport King Kong, the biplanes which were attacked by King Kong, the T-Rex on Skull Island, the film producer which hatched the plan to kidnap our giant ape, the salacious Ann Darrow, and the star of the show himself – King Kong.

Start Playing King Kong Slots Game

The King Kong slots game lets you swing into action almost immediately after launching the game! Once in the slots game’s main screen, all you have to do is select the amount in MYR you wish to wager on per spin, and hit the green spin button to start playing! The higher your bet, the higher your winnings!

The “Wild” symbol is represented by an image of the giant gorilla himself! Hitting a King Kong symbol will allow you to match with any other symbol in the slots game, allowing you more chances to win! But this isn’t any other normal slots game. If you hit the King Kong symbol in the middle (third) slots reel, King Kong will smash through the middle reel, giving you a full vertical column of “Wild” – meaning you can make matches with any of the reels on that row! Smashing!

The Scatter symbol is represented by the King Kong title itself. Activating three or more of the Scatter symbols instantly triggers the special feature in this slots game. Once again, this slots game features something unlike most other slots machines. The special feature is a mini game where you play as King Kong and fight against the annoying biplanes threatening to steal your beautiful blonde Ann Darrow from your grasp. In this game, you can choose to smash left or smash right – time it right and you can hit the biplanes. If you hit one, you are awarded with 15 free spins in the slots game. Hit six of the buzzing biplanes, and you are awarded with an astounding one hundred and fifty free spins!

It isn’t a slots game if you don’t get to double up on your winnings! Whenever you make a win on your spins in the King Kong slots game, you are given the opportunity to hit the Gamble button that appears above the green spin button! Once you hit the Gamble button, you are brought into a mini game where you can either choose between Red or Black, or one of the four card suits. If you choose the correct colour, you are instantly awarded with double (2x) your winnings. If you choose the correct suit, you are awarded with quadruple (4x) of your winnings!

Sometimes you just want to hang out and watch the money fall onto your lap. The King Kong slots game features an auto play feature where you can set the game to automatically play itself for up to one hundred spins! Let the machine do its work for you!

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