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Klassik Slot Game Review

by jenx
Klassik Slot

Slot games can be inspired by many different ideas or universes. Sometimes it feels good to get back to basics. Klassik is a video slot game by Gameplay Interactive that does exactly that.

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Klassik Slot Gameplay

Klassik Slot

Klassik has a unique look inspired by the steampunk style with many background detail. That help players focus on the reels and nothing else. The reels in question are place in the middle of a strange machine. It is surrounding by gears, light bulbs and other mysterious elements. The command buttons integrated within the background graphics, and each spin of the reels sets the gears and machinery spinning as well.

Klassik is a one-of-a-kind game visually speaking. It is enough to stand out on the current market and give a great first impression. Let’s see how the game fares in terms of gameplay in the next section.

Big Wins ahead

Klassik might look quite different from other slot games, it still follows a classic set of rules. It will only take a few clicks for you to get started and place your first bet on the reels.

The game works with 5 reels and 9 fixed paylines, onto which you have to try and land winning symbol combinations in order to pocket some new cash prizes. Use the line bet section and the (+) and (-) buttons there to choose a wager before spinning the reels and crossing your fingers.

Winning combinations in Klassik pay from left to right only. Your rewards are calculated based on the combinations that appear across the reels and the size of your wager as well. In other words, betting more can mean winning more in the long run. If you feel that luck is on your side, try the max bet button and the highest bet possible will be placed on your next spin. You can also pick a wager manually and place it over several spins in a row thanks to the autoplay game mode.

Classic Symbols, Redesigned

The paytable of Klassik contains only familiar symbols, if you have some experience with slot games. But all the icons were redesigned to fit the steampunk universe of the game very nicely. All the rewards mentioned here correspond to a bet of one credit.

The most common symbols are the 3 bar signs (single, double and triple) and the golden 7. Winning combinations consist of 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols and can be worth up to 200 credits.

Symbols representing the 4 classic suits of card, cherries and bells are a little rarer in Klassik but also much more valuable. Short combinations of 2 symbol will also be valid, and you can expect a big win of 10,000 credits for a combination of 5 bells across the reels.

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