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Koi Gate Slot Game Review

by Jenny
Koi Gate Slot

A symbol of perseverance, determination and good fortune. Take a chance, swim against the flow of the river and turn your fortune into greatness with these determined Koi as they pave the path towards becoming dragons in the Koi Game slots game by Habanero.

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From Fish to Dragon

Koi Gate Slot

Legends speak of a mystical gate that leads to the heavens along the Yellow River. Hearing about this legend, countless Koi began to swim upstream, against the strong and relentless current of the great Chinese river. The journey was long and arduous, and countless Koi have failed on this journey. At the end of this journey lies a colossal cascading waterfall, and the Koi will have to leap their way to the top to go through the gate. Those which succeed  will ascend to the heavens and become the beautiful and majestic dragons shown in Chinese folklore.

The Koi Gate slots game takes on the serene aural aesthetic of Chinese mythology, taking on a soundtrack produced using classical Chinese musical instruments, while also displaying the many visual styles familiar to Chinese mythology and the myth of the Koi Gate. The symbols on the slots game is represented by the many things encountered by the brave and determined Koi during their journey to transcendence – the leaf on the river’s surface, the bamboo shoots by the river, the beautiful lotus flower, the mystical Koi Gate, the majestic dragon form, and the humble koi.

Koi Gate Gameplay

Embark on a journey of determination and perseverance, and great fortune awaits those who break through their limits. Get started with the Koi Gate online digital slots machine by selecting your value per coin and the bet level. The value per coin determines the amount of Malaysian Ringgit that is represented by each coin in the slots game. The bet level is the amount of coins you wish to bet on for each line in the game. Koi Gate features eighteen lines, an extremely lucky number. The more you wager per line, the bigger your chances of winning!

The Koi Gate slots game features not one, but two “Wild” symbols for their slots reels! Both the Koi and the Dragon symbols can be used to substitute for any other symbol in the game, greatly increasing your chances of making wins whenever you spin! Whenever you hit a Koi in a winning spin, it will expand to fit the entire column of the reel, further increasing your chances of making matches and increasing your winnings!

Slot Game Bonus Feature

Whenever you hit a Koi symbol in the Koi Gate slots game, you immediately get one free game for each Koi symbol that appears! Prizes are immediately doubled for you whenever you are on a free Re-spin!

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Do you have the willpower to persevere? Whenever you make a win during a spin on the Koi Gate slots game, you have the opportunity to gamble your wager for an even bigger win! Hit the Gamble button that lights up whenever you win a spin, and you will be brought into the Beat the Dealer mini game. In this mini game, you will have to pick one from four face down cards. If your chosen card is of greater value than the Dealer card on the far left, you are immediately awarded with double of your initial winnings! Take your fate into your own hands and make your win a dragon!

The Koi Gate slots game also features an auto play feature. When you feel like kicking back and letting the Koi swim on for you and automatically making wins – all you have to do is hit the Auto Play button. This feature allows you to set the slots game to automatically spin for you for up to five hundred times! You may also set the game to automatically stop spinning if your wallet balance decreases by a certain amount, or if you manage to hit a single win that exceeds a certain amount.

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