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Leagues of Fortune Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Deep under a thousand leagues lie treasure of unimaginable proportions.

Dive into the underwater world of the Leagues of Fortune online slots game. Play this brand new online digital slots machine.

Deep Dive for Treasures

Once in a blue moon, when the tides are high and the seas are calm, there will be a call that spread across the land. It was a call unlike any other. A call to adventure. A call to glory. A call to discovery. A call to hidden treasure. Captain Ahab of the SS Narwhal calls for the bravest soul to join him on his advanced submarine to take the greatest deep dive man has ever taken – deep into the depths, many many leagues under the sea.

The Leagues of Fortune online digital slots machine takes you into the world of the deep dive for treasure. A dive into the unknown. The background takes on a lonely shade of the sea – accompanied by sound effects that take the adventure to the next level. The reels on the slots machine take on the many elements in this great expedition. Taking form of the many graphical themes in this lonely deep sea dive. The great Captain Ahab himself, the giant deep sea squid, the treasure map that leads to the treasure, the deep sea diver, the fabled treasure chest itself, and the treasured compass that points in the right direction.

Take a chance – take a deep dive into the depths of adventure and treasure in this online slots game.

Start Playing Leagues of Fortune Slots Game

The “Wild” symbol in this slots game is represented by the magical compass with the Leagues of Fortune word on it. Whenever this fabled Wild symbol comes onto the reels. It will help you make more matches on the reels by substituting for any other symbol on the slots reels. This will increase your chances of winning each spin, and winnings are multiplied.

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The Scatter symbol in the Leagues of Fortune is also another important symbol to look out for when you make spins on this online slots game. Whenever three or more of the scatter symbol appears on the reels, you are instantly granted access to the special feature of this game – free spins. These free spins increase the more scatter symbols you get – aim to get as many as possible to maximise your winnings! These free games feature will also give you the added bonus advantage of multiplying your winnings for matches during your free spins! Awesome!

Whenever you win a spin on the Leagues of Fortune online digital slots machine, you are also entitled to access the Gamble feature of the game. Whenever you win a spin, you may hit the Gamble button to access the Gamble feature. When you enter the Gamble feature of the game, you are presented with a dial with a red lose zone, and a blue win zone. Hit the spin button on the bottom of the screen in this Gamble minigame, and the dial will spin on the contraption. If you hit the blue win zone, you are instantly granted double your winnings! You may also re-spin the dial to get more winnings!

Play Leagues of Fortune Slots Game today!

Explore the unexplored depths of this serene yet thrilling deep dive into the treasure trove hidden deep under the sea – great fortune awaits those who play this online slots game.

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