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Loose Cannon Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Loose Cannon Slots Game Review

“Arr ye salt swilling scallywags! All hands and deck and prepare to loose the cannons!”

Hoist the black flag! Trim the sails! We’re going to roam the seas and go on a jolly old adventure for plunder and booty!

Captain Cook and his dastardly crew of scallywags are looking for the best and the brightest to join their jolly crew and head out into the open seas – uncharted waters and the salty breeze!

A Trigger-Happy Captain

Take all you want, leave nothing behind! Captain Cook is known for one thing: his ability to always get what he wants. And this time, he wants to find the hidden treasure hidden on a lonely island tucked away at a little corner of the seven seas. Nothing will get in his way – nothing dares get in his way. Captain Cook’s temper is legend among any seafaring folk, and whoever crosses his path will be fired upon by his loose cannons. Get in his way, and he will rain hot balls of fire upon you! Good thing you’re on his team!

The Loose Cannon online digital slots machine emulates the sense of adventure by immersing you deeply into the salty seafaring environment. The reels of the slots game are surrounded by the ropes of the ship’s deck, and the backdrop makes it seem like you are standing on the deck of a ship and looking out onto the open waters – with enemy ships approaching from afar! The reels of this slots game is filled with iconic piratey images that represent the many important aspects of Captain Cook’s adventure – the legendary Captain Cook, his sexy first mate, the cheeky pet monkey, the shiny huge chest of treasure, the treasure map to lead us there, the crab and rum, the iconic pirate’s pistol, the fearsome pirate ship, and the titular loose cannons! Hit the seas and join the adventure!

Start Playing Loose Cannon Slots Game

Start off your journey by preparing the necessary provisions. The sea is a rough and tremulous mistress, and you need to make the right choices in order to survive. Before you set off on your epic adventure in the Loose Cannon online slots game, you will have to choose the coin size, number of coins, and the total bet.  The coin size is the amount in MYR that is represented by each coin. The number of coins are the number of coins you wish to bet on the lines in the slots game. If you seek the simple path, you may simply adjust the total bet amount. This automatically sets the previous two options to suit your required wager  amount. The more you bet, the more you will win whenever you make matches on the reels! The Loose Cannons slots game has two hundred and forty three ways to make matches – giving you a fair shot at winning it big!

The Wild symbol in this game is represented by Captain Cook’s fearsome ship. The Wild Cannon bonus is triggered when three Wild Ship symbols land on the third reel. When this happens, the Wild symbol will replicate itself and fill up the entire column in on the third reel, creating a Wild Stack! Wilds can fire left or right and turn random additional symbols into Wild symbols, giving you an even bigger chance of winning! All fifteen symbols can become Wild! These Wild symbols will help you make even more matches on the reels by substituting for all other symbols except for the Scatter symbol!

The Octopus on the Compass symbol is the Scatter symbol in this slots game. When you hit the Scatter symbol on reels one, three and five, you immediately trigger the special feature in the game! You get fifteen free spins! Scatter wins are multiplied by total bets staked. Scatter pays in any position. Scatter wins are added to way wins! Keep an eye out for the Octopus Scatter symbol – it’s a great way to make huge wins!

Be sure to also utilise the Auto Play feature in the Loose Cannons slots game! This feature allows you to set the game to automatically spin itself for up to five hundred times! Furthermore, you can also set it to automatically stop when you hit a win that is more than a certain amount. Take advantage of this feature and inject some strategy into your spins!

Play Loose Cannons Slots Game today!

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