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Lucky Koi Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Lucky Koi Slots Game Review

Feel the serenity of the peaceful pond of the Lucky Koi.

There are times we must slow down and take a step back from life. Some of the best places in the world to do so are at a koi pond, where the fish swim peacefully and adding colour and life to the Lucky Koi slots game.

Feel the flowing water of the relaxing koi pond and watch nature take its natural course, let the flora and fauna blend together. Peace and serenity of mind will bring about great wealth, especially when you win real life Malaysian Ringgit in cash when you win your spins in the Lucky Koi slots game on the number one online slots platform in Malaysia.

The Peaceful Pond

Splashes of colour just beneath the surface of the water. Ancient Japanese and Chinese have taken a great love towards the beautiful koi – a species of carp which form amazing colours on their bodies. Their shimmering beauty is well-renowned, and simply looking at them brings forth an almost magical sense of calm to a person’s heart. These creatures are often bred in beautifully decorated ponds – with bamboo and rocks. These koi are said to bring luck to whoever sets their eyes upon their majestic form. Great news for you, the player. This luck will carry forward to your spins in this serene slots game.

The Lucky Koi slots game features the relaxing aesthetics of a classical  koi pond – designed to bring forth a sense of zen to the player. The backdrop of the slots reels show rocks underwater, reminiscent of staring into a crystalline clear pond, with lily pads and lotus flowers to further enhance the beauty of the scene. This online digital slots machine also features slots symbols that remind a player to relax and take in the beauty of life, and the prosperity of its host – the blooming lotus flower, the twin koi around the lily pad, the gold ingot, the silver ingot, the string of coins, the red and gold fan, the frog on the lily pad, the turtle on the lily pad, and the dragonfly on the lily pad. All these creatures can be found peacefully coexisting in the koi pond, and brings any person joy.

Start Playing Lucky Koi Slots Game

Walk down the path of serenity, and cast off your worldly burdens. When you start the Lucky Koi online slots game, you are presented with a few choices before you can start playing. You will have to decide on the coin size, the number of coins, the number of lines, and the total bet. The coin size is the amount in MYR that will be represented by each coin you put into the game. The number of coins would be the number of coins you would like to wager on each line in the game. The more you bet, the bigger your winnings whenever you make matches! The total bet is the simple option for those who would like to fast track their way into the game. This will automatically adjust the previous two options and calculates them based on your total bet chosen. The total lines will be the amount of lines you wish to bet on the game. You can bet on a total of twenty five lines in this slots game. The more lines you bet on, the higher your chances of making matches and winning!

The Wild symbol in this game is represented by the Lotus Flower Wild symbol. This wild symbol helps you make more matches by substituting for any other symbol of the game! Definitely look out for these Wild symbols, they will highly increase your chances of winning!

The Red Wheeli logo represents the scatter symbol in this game. When you hit three, four or five of these Scatter symbols, you will immediately trigger the Bonus Choice feature of this game! You can choose between the Free Spins feature or the Koi Bonus feature. For the Free Spins feature, you will win between ten to thirty free spins! In these free spins, you will also get a five times (5x) multiplier, letting you win big! The Koi Bonus feature lets you pick between three to six koi. Each koi rewards you with a random amount of coins, and the player may be awarded with additional picks!

Play Lucky Koi Slots Game today!

Live a peaceful life and enjoy endless prosperity!

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