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Macau going to push international sports next year

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Macau going to push international sports next year

Macau is determined to become known as a world leader in diverse tourism and it is starting with what could be the only global industry that rivals gambling in popularity. Beginning next year.

Macau will focus a lot more effort and resources on attracting sports fans following an agreement established between Macau leaders and the six licensed casino operators in the city. Each could host a major sports event every month for all of 2021.

Macau Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng explained this week that one of his top goals for 2021 is to bring international sports events to the city.

He confirmed that this plan is already in motion and, in discussing the development with lawmaker Ma Chi Seng, stated that casino licensees are on board. He indicated that hosting an international sports events, or serving as a title sponsor for one, twice in the year would be the goal of each licensee, giving Macau a total of 12 events to put on the schedule. 

Ho explained, “We have been talking to the gaming concessionaires to organize two of these events for each one. This means 12 events per year that will be held not concurrently, but tentatively one per month.

He also added, “The gaming concessionaires provided a positive response, and from the end of this year; we are already doing some events that are possible to host like the [Macau International] Marathon and the World Table Tennis Championships.”

Macau hasn’t been completely devoid of major sports events – it hosts the Macau Grand Prix, which was still held this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and others. However, it is going to have to ensure it remains as flexible as possible in light of the coronavirus situation in order to build itself out as a global tourist destination for all types of activities. 

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