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Mad Mad Monkey Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Mad Mad Monkey Slot

Are you mad for money? The Mad Mad Monkey is!

Swing into the deepest parts of the jungle where the Mad Mad Monkey lurks! Here, the laws of the jungle reigns supreme, so you’ve got to be just as mad to play the Mad Mad Monkey online slots.

Go Bananas!

Have you ever been into the depths of the jungle? It’s a dark place where it is full of life. You see flora and fauna that is beyond your wildest imaginations, and such sights can drive a person insane. The Mad Mad Monkey was born in this darkness, and such an environment has driven him quite literally bananas! But from such insanity rises the most wondrous of creatures. Enter our hero, the Mad Mad Monkey, here to bring you the mad mad treasures of the jungle!

The Mad Mad Monkey slots game fully immerses you in the environment of the deep jungle, with a soundtrack that is fully reminiscent of the deep jungle along with the sounds of the monkey himself, and background graphics that is as dark as you would expect. The borders of the reels take on the vines commonly found in the setting, and the symbols of the reels are represented by images of the Mad Mad Monkey’s favourite things – the peanuts, the refreshing coconuts, the slithering snake, the friendly parrot, the delicious banana, and the Mad Mad Monkey himself!

Start Playing Mad Mad Monkey Slots Game

Make your way into the deepest part of the jungles. But before you do, you’ve got to make the necessary preparations so that you may survive! Before you begin playing on the Mad Mad Monkey slots game, you should select the number of lines and the bet amount. You can select up to fifty lines to bet on in Mad Mad Monkey, and the more lines you choose, the bigger your chances of making matches and winning! The bet amount is the amount you wish to bet on each line in this slots game – the more you bet per line, the bigger your winnings whenever you make a match! It’s that simple!

The Mad Mad Monkey himself is the Wild symbol in this slots game. Whenever you hit a Mad Mad Monkey,  he will help you make matches with any other symbol in the reels, increasing your chances of making matches! What’s more, any winnings made with the Mad Mad Monkey Wild symbol doubles your prize!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The Mad Mad Monkey logo symbol is the Scatter symbol in this slots game. Whenever you hit three or more Scatter symbol in this game, you win ten free games! The banana symbol becomes stacked, and all wins are tripled during your free spins! Go bananas!

Whenever you win one of your spins on the Mad Mad Monkey online digital slots game, you are given the chance to Gamble your winnings! Hit the Gamble button that lights up next to the Spin button, and you are immediately brought into the Gamble Feature. This Gamble Feature mini game allows you to pick from either Red or Black, or from one of the four card suits. If you choose the correct colour between Red or Black, your winnings are immediately doubled (2x)! If you  choose the correct card suit, you immediately quadruple (4x) your winnings! That’s almost as insane as the monkey himself!

Take your chances in the jungle, and let nature take its course! The Mad Mad Monkey slots game allows you to use an auto play feature, which lets you set the game to automatically spin itself for up to one hundred times without human intervention! Let the monkey go on a wild rampage, and watch the money roll in!

Go bananas in the Mad Mad Monkey online digital slots machine! Take your chances in the whimsical world of the monkey and win money in Malaysian Ringgit!

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