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Mafia Slot Game Review

by Jenny
Mafia Slot

Infiltrate the mob and keep your mafia identity secretly if you want a chance to steal some of their cash unnoticed.

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Mafia Gameplay

Mafia Slot

Such is the exciting context in which Mafia takes place. The 5 reels with 30 pay-lines video slot game from Gameplay Interactive is putting players in a dangerous position, where their life will be at stake in the virtual universe of the game. Stick along a little while longer and discover the rules and the universe of Mafia to significantly increase your chances of survival — and of becoming rich.

Mafia is taking players in the darkest corners of New York or Chicago, where the mob reigns supreme and even the police does not dare venture. The game screen is overwhelmingly dark and gloomy, designed to look like a deserted back alley where illegal deals are concluded on a regular basis. The street lights above are flickering, and the reels are encased in a frame of bricks and steel, with a mysterious armed man on the side watching you at all times.

Paytable in Mafia is filled with detailed reel symbols with a lot of styles and different cash values. The most common symbols in the game are the wine bottle, knife, luxury car and automatic guns. Diamonds, woman and mafioso symbol are more elusive but also more valuable.

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