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Malaysia Esports League Offers Gaming Platform

by jenx
Malaysia eSports

MyEsports Sdn Bhd is confident that its Malaysia Esports League (MEL) would prove to be a huge success with tertiary students, while serving as a platform for players to grow from strength to strength. Project Director Nicholas “Nicko” Chang said that MEL holds great potential to emerge as a platform for players to compete consistently at the highest level.

Gaming adds a slightly different tangent to the unusual categories for economic development but it has undeniably grown to become an indisputable one. Estimated to grow to a USD $180 billion industry, gaming is going big and eSports is an increasingly large part of the ecosystem.

This will give Malaysia the opportunity to groom new talents in the ecosystem that can become champions in eSports and in the creation of games for the world market. This is a great start in making Malaysia the eSports hub of the region which will be part of the overall high technology games industry.

“We already have a strong ecosystem in place to encourage potential players to consider making gaming a career,” said Chang. He added that MyEsports Sdn Bhd is a professional body that was conceived for the PC Gaming League to focus on talent cultivation, gamers’ career development, and to nurture a diverse PC gaming environment for the country.

“It grows participation, promotes diversity and regulates the sports for everyone to enjoy as professional,” said Chang. MyEsports Sdn Bhd runs MEL for different categories across professional, amateur and tertiary students.

MEL is open to all tertiary students. According to Chang, there are 20 public universities, 47 private universities and an estimated 414 private colleges throughout Malaysia. Of these numbers, he estimates that there are some 580,000 students in public universities with another 400,000 in private colleges and private universities.

“Our goal is for MEL to serve as a platform for participating students to showcase their skills and talent, while also providing development opportunities that empower students to create positive change in their career path,”


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