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Malaysia Version Of Pokemon Game

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pokemon malaysia game

We are very sure that most people are well recognised with the Pokemon series. Most people have at least watched a few episodes of the animated series, played their video games or even owned the merchandise.

22-year-old Seremban-born student Mokessh Kannah, who is an avid fan of Pokemon has created his own “local” version of the game, featuring our very own country of Malaysia as its place settings.

Based on the customised game, Kannah has modified the game to bring up a more local taste during the gameplay. In this case, Kannah has modified the original map of the game into the Malaysian map, featuring Kedah all the way up until Sabah which the Pokémon trainers can play the game by tracking Pokémons based on the map.

Kannah said that he created the game merely just for fun, using RPG Softmaker software which he bought from Steam with Pokémon Essentials. He then learned how to use the software and create the game all by himself, with some help from YouTube of course.

Kannah explained that he created the game map based on the images of the Malaysian map that he downloaded online. He then proceeded with editing the important locations such as cities, towns and routes using Adobe Photoshop editor.

However, since the game is not officially licensed under the Nintendo name, some users might have difficulties to access the game. This is because the game is currently open for limited number of users only, due to strict rules from Nintendo.

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