Malaysian Boy Steals Hearts After Designing E-Sports Game to Help Family

12-year old, Muhammad Thaqif, has stolen the hearts of many Malaysians with his story to help his mother by doing what he knows best. Thaqif had spent 12 months in a cyber café designing his own e-Sports game (a first-person, zombie shooter). He then tried to sell it online for RM1 to ease his mother’s burden by contributing to the household income. Unfortunately, after all that work, the staff at the cyber café deleted his game as they mistook it for a virus. There has been much feedback from Malaysians giving their support from Thaqif hoping he will continue to pursue his dreams.

“Congratulations brother, when you grow up you will be an asset to the country”

“Bravo and congratulations. You have become the pride of Malaysians and the world. We pray for your success and wellness.”

Currently, Malaysia is one of the industry leaders of e-Sports in South East Asia with heavy backing from the government. Malaysia is currently hosting a Dota 2 Major competition, a fan-favourite game in the region.

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