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Managing Passwords on Gaming Sites

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Managing passwords - google

It’s dangerous to use the same passwords everywhere, especially Gaming Sites. Here’s a little video we found from Google that makes it Easy & Safe.

Passwords are a fact of online life, but managing and remembering them can be a real pain unless you use a password manager.

And your Google Account already has one built in – it helps you manage saved passwords, keeps them safe and fills them in for you. Your password manager also comes with a Password Checkup – a step by step guide to help check all your saved passwords for security threats.

Check out your password manager at passwords.google.com.

The service is currently available for the Google web dashboard and Android devices, but will also be added to the Chrome browser later this year.

The passwords.google.com website has been around for a while but has only been known to Chrome power users. But starting today, Google wants all Chrome users to consider it the company’s official “password manager.”

Here is where they’ll be able to see a list of all the passwords they’ve ever saved in Chrome, and also access the new Password Checkup feature.

To use the new feature, a new button that says “Check Passwords” will be available. Once pressed, Google will take all the user’s passwords and check them against an internal database of over four billion user credentials that have been leaked online via breaches at other companies.

If a username & password combo is found in this database, Google will warn the user that they need to change the password for that account, as they’re at risk of having the account hijacked by hackers.

On Android devices, the Password Checkup feature takes all the account details saved on a device and checks them against the same Google internal database. Users can access Password Checkup on their device via the official “Google” Android app.

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