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Mike Tyson comeback fight at 54

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Mike Tyson comeback fight at 54

By his estimation, Mike Tyson shed about 100 pounds for his nostalgia-filled return to the boxing ring Saturday night (28 Nov 2020).

It wasn’t even close to the most significant transformation the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world underwent in the 15 years since he last fought professionally.

Back then, Tyson’s career and personal life were careening off the rails. He was fighting for financial reasons. His heart, Tyson has said repeatedly, just wasn’t in it anymore.

The sport that brought him stardom and adulation, not to mention countless millions of dollars, was becoming secondary, almost a nuisance, interfering with a drug habit.

Mike Tyson spends much of his time at home with his third wife, Kiki, and his children. He ruminates on how to help the underserved via his various charities, several of which, Tyson said, are receiving a boost from proceeds of Saturday’s pay-per-view exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr. in Los Angeles that ended in a draw.

The notion that Tyson, 54, would live to become a humanitarian and family man was virtually unthinkable during his turbulent first act.

Tyson (50-6, 44 knockouts) then chuckled over his current circumstances, underscoring the stark contrast to the demons he overcame in leaving behind his former enigmatic persona not long after becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

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