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Million Cents Slot Game Review

by jenx
Million Cents Slot

This slot is called 1,000,000 cents because this is exactly what you can win as the top prize. This achieved by landing the correct combination of the ten and zero symbols found on the reels.

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Million Cents Gameplay

Million Cents Slot

This slot has something of a traditional feel, with many of the classic symbols also appearing on the reels. The red sevens, the cherries and the BAR symbols. Unlike many five reel slots, you’ll not find free spins or bonus features here. The focus being on the big wins achieved on the reels themselves.

You might expect that a slot displaying many of the classic symbols might have an outdated look, but this is certainly not the case here. The cherries look the same as they would at any slot, but there are two types of seven symbols here. One with flames engulfing the seven and the BAR symbols have been updated completely, with coins representing the number of BARs. You’ll also find a number of coins at both of the top two paying symbols at the game, giving a splash of gold across the reels – this looking effective against the purple background. The slot is accompanied by a synthesized tune throughout, with the satisfying clunks and clicks of the reels sounding during each spin.

Setup and Play for Million Cents Slot

Million Cents Slot

This slot by iSoftbet has 5 reels and a set number of 20 win lines which you’ll not be able to change. Landing 5 of the top symbols in a row will pay you a big 10,000 coin prize, and these symbols pay from 2 or more from the left hand side. The wild symbol will replace any other symbol in the game apart from the 10, 0 and 00 symbols. The fortune symbol is the second highest paying (2,000 coins) and you’ll gain a win for landing just two in a row.

As well as the standard wins for landing the individual seven and BAR symbols you’ll also gain a win if landing a combination of these symbols on a win line. The slot has an auto play button where you can set the game in motion without interruption. You can stop the auto play at any time by clicking on the ‘Stop Auto-spin’ button.

Special Wins at Million Cents Slot

Aside from all of the symbols named above you’ll find three special symbols on the reels in the 10, 0 and 00 symbols. These are the symbols that can give you the million cents win. Here is how it works:

Malaysia Online Betting Website

You’ll find the 10 symbol on the first reel and if it appears you’ll immediately gain a win of 10c. On reels 2, 3 and 4 you’ll find the 0 symbol. Should the original 10 be joined by consecutive 0’s you’ll win that amount. For example, if the 10 is joined by a 0 on reel two, you will 100c. If the 10 is joined by 0’s on reels 2 and 3, you’ll win 1,000c. On reel 5 you’ll find both the 0 symbol as well as the additional 00. This means that you could in theory have a win line that contains the following symbols – 10, 0, 0, 0, 00 – and should this happen you’ll win the maximum 1,000,000 cents.

This win amount is only available if playing for the max bet amount and of course you’ll need all of the symbols to appear on a win line as normal.

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