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Million Dollar Cash Game

by jenx
million dollar cash game

Watch high stakes poker action with hold cards

Live at the Bike decided to raise the stakes again. The poker streaming site that usually shows $5/$5 and $10/$10 games is now putting together a star-studded line-up for a $100/$200/$400 cash game!

Live at the Bike regularly brings you cash action from the famous Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Los Angeles, California.

Some of poker’s best known names have played in front of LATB’s cameras, including Doug Polk, Joe Ingram and Daniel “Jungleman” Cates. That being said, a lot of their content is mid-stakes cash game with virtually unknown players at the table. However, this is not one of those games.

Live at the Bike announced they’re bringing back their Million Dollar Cash Game. The blinds are going to be $100/$200/$400 with an extra $400 Big Blind Ante. The minimum buy-in is $100,000. That means the players will play super deep, with at least 250 BB stacks in front of them at the start. This will allow for plenty of “creative” lines.

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