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Millwall picks charity sponsor over QuickQuid

by new_c_admin

Millwall fans may be known for their violence and rampant disdain for order, but the second-tier football team is showing that money can’t still buy happiness, or at least a sponsorship deal in the nPower Championship.

In an announcement that caught a lot of people off guard, Millwall decided to reject a lucrative sponsorship deal with Chicago-based pay-day lenders QuickQuid in favor of an essentially free deal with Prostate Cancer UK.
With the deal, Prostate Cancer UK’s logo will be emblazoned on the front of the Lions’ jersey for the entire Championship season. This is a pretty fascinating change of image for Millwall, whose club and fans aren’t exactly endeared in the football world.
But the decision to essentially turn down sponsorship money in favor of free publicity for Prostate Cancer UK is a pretty indicative sign that the club has good intentions at its heart.
As part of the deal, Millwall has agreed to waive all commercial fees for the sponsorship, making it free for the charity. The two sides are also expected to partner in a series of events throughout the year, including a joint fundraising that aims to raise £100,000, money that will be divided between Prostate Cancer UK and the Millwall FC Community Trust.
“A motto that we have adopted at our club is ‘Football is the answer, not the problem’,” Millwall’s chief executive Andy Ambler said.
“If displaying the Prostate Cancer UK logo on our shirts, providing regular information in our publications and around our ground, and having health professionals available on match days to discuss issues in an informal setting, helps saves lives, we will have achieved something even greater than three points on a Saturday afternoon.”
Well said, Mr. Ambler

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