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Mobile Legends enters the Singapore Esports scene

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Mobile Legends has been a hit within the Southeast Asian region ever since it first launched in late 2016. It’s particularly popular with Singapore’s National Servicemen, who play it during their infrequent time-offs as a way of social cohesion.

Now the game is set to make a big splash into the local Esports scene in Singapore as we are nearing the start of the SEA Clash of Champions 2019 event.

The SEA Clash of Champions 2019 (SEACOC), the first-ever regional Mobile Legends Esports event in Singapore, will be held from 18 -19 May 2019 at the Suntec Convention Centre.

To usher in the event, organiser Reddentes Sports’ Managing Partner Yip Renkai, Clash of Champions Ambassador Benedict “hyhy” Lim, Singapore Esports Association (SGEA) President Ng Chong Geng and Evos EsportsSG leader Robert “OhDeerBambi” Boon gathered together to discuss the event and Esports in general before doing the group draws for the competition.

“Esports is definitely an industry for the future, I do not think that Esports and sports are conflicted, rather I feel that it is complementary,” he said.

“Hyhy” agreed, saying that that community has grown since his days as a DOTA 2 competitor some years ago. “We have started seeing tournaments with 1 million USD in prize monies, then more sponsors starting came in because of more viewership, that’s when the industry really exploded,” he explained.

Ng Chong Geng expressed his gratitude for Reddentes Sports for bringing big and significant IPs.“It is a great start to bringing these competitions to Singapore.” he said, adding that Singapore had been lagging behind in the Esports scene compared to others in the region.

“It’s going to be exciting to fight Geek Fam again, I think it’s something that Esports fans would be wanting to watch.” said “OhDeerBambi”, adding that his team will be prepared for the fight.

Singapore-based streaming service Toggle will also be streaming the event live as revealed by Renkai, describing it as the first time the service is streaming an Esports event. He also noted that deals are still being done and expressed his hope at getting it on a mainstream broadcast.

The conference closed with “hyhy” drawing the teams that will feature in the two groups for the event. The placement of teams in each group are as follows:

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