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Moto Championship goes digital

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Moto Championship goes digital

Forbidden from outdoor play to avoid the risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the shift of several sports to digital gaming has begun.

Motorcycle sports will be the first to take that leap of faith into the digital world as FIM Asia, the governing body for the sport in the continent, creates the first moto championship series online.

The inaugural FIM Asia Digital Moto Championship will race on the exact computerized replica of the famed Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia set within the month as organizers open the registration to participants worldwide.

The tournament, which features simulated motorbike racing in 150cc, 600cc and 1000cc classes, will be presented by the International Digital Games Committee in cooperation with Esports World Federation (ESWF) and Piso Games, the game publisher of the digital moto races.

“Digital sports (Dsports) is the next big thing in gaming. Several sports are going into a transition from the usual physical competitions to the digital platform,’’ said ESWF president Arniel Gutierrez.

Compared to esports where purely video games are being played, Dsports will feature traditional sports that meet the requirements for global competition such as the Olympics, world championships, continental and regional games under international federation rules for each sport.

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