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Artificial Intelligence To Kill Poker in 5 Years

by new_c_admin
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Artificial Intelligence systems, which are being developed in labs all around the world, are becoming increasingly good at beating humans at their own games.

But earlier this year, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook Inc. have developed an AI machine called Pluribus, which beat five top poker players with ease. Will such technological advancements lead to the extinction of online poker?

Pluribus And The Limits Of A Human Brain

Well, in recent history there are several examples of AI machines beating people at their own games. For example; an AI called Libratus, also developed at Carnegie Mellon University, managed to beat a poker star in a one-on-one game back in 2017. Along with this, AI machines have beat humans at games such as Dota-2, checkers, chess, Jeopardy and Go.

But Pluribus has been considered as a huge leap forward in AI machines and their capabilities, and this is mostly due to the fact that it was able to beat not one, but five professional poker players at Texas Hold’em. Apart from it being able to beat multiple players at once, what sets Pluribus apart from previous AI victories, is how it made to claim victory over the pro players.

Pluribus is so