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Betting firms won’t talk about the problems of gambling

by Jenny
Gambling firms

A Christian advocacy group has told the gambling industry that it must do more to ensure the safety of vulnerable people online.

Its call comes as a new study warned betting giants are doing little to promote safe gambling on Twitter, amid the ‘sheer scale’ of their marketing.

“Online gambling in the UK is bigger than ever before and it’s never been so easy to place bets, with a wide variety of apps and websites all providing platforms on which to gamble,” James Mildred, Christian Action Research & Education’s (CARE) communications manager, told The Catholic Universe.

“The gambling industry has a duty to do all it can to make sure gamblers are properly aware of the dangers of problem gambling and the health risks as well.”

Mr Mildred’s call comes as researchers from Northumbria University found that operators promote safe gambling messages just over once in every 100 tweets (1.6 per cent).