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Are eSports a Bad Bet on Online Casinos?

by new_c_admin

eSports Tournaments and pots are getting larger and larger and with it drives increased interest from Players, Online Casino Operators alike.

eSports is a team sport, and in any team, there are the stars and then there are the support players that help to give that extra boost and support where required – all are equally important. But like conventional sports, its common for the coach to show favoritism to certain individuals or sub-groups. The share of the pot may also vary between players in the same team, with this the temptation to be coerced by external parties to “throw the game” literally.

So going in the path of least resistance, players can throw the game and have a guaranteed win as opposed to a possible win which he would get a smaller share.

The issues of match-fixing as highlighted in an article in The Guardian headlined –
‘It’s incredibly widespread’: why eSports has a match-fixing problem

On the operator’s side of the equation, it has been shown that especially for the more popular tournaments it is quite easy to predict the winner. Many operators have reported huge losses in the matches, without proof they can only leave it to best guess.

Could it be insider information?

Could it be a rigged game?

Does it mean that online casinos and sportsbooks will stop offering eSports?

We think no, whatever losses they incur now they will recoup once the player is hooked. As the player matures, he will have more disposable income and he will explore the other games available on an online casino site.

Is Malaysia at Great Risk?

With Malaysia aggressively pushing the eSports initiative, more and more youth are turning to this option. This is further accentuated by the lack of jobs and the lure of the BIG POT that they have a chance to Win. All this doing something that most already loves – playing games! There is no better deal than this in the mind of the youth.

Apart from that, there’s the other problem of collecting the immense amount of data – The Data Battleground For Esports Betting Operators Remains Complicated.

If you need to play, always play Responsibly – Want to know more about Responsible Gaming?

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