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Malaysian man duped with job offer in the Philippines

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Malaysian Man Duped

July 4 — A Malaysian man promised a job in a casino in the Philippines was allegedly cheated of RM13,000 and forced to work in an illegal online gambling centre by a Chinese national, Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Low Guo Nan said.

He said the 29-year-old victim, who wished to be known as Leong, was lured into the scam job by the victim’s acquaintance known as Hew Lim Loy.

“Leong was attracted to a Facebook advertisement, which offers a job in foreign casinos in April. He contacted Hew, who had previously introduced to him as an agent. They have known each other for about two years.

“Hew then introduced a Chinese national based in the Philippines, who supposedly runs a casino, there to Leong. He also advised Leong not to let go of the job as he would be earning around RM7,000 per month excluding commission,” he told a press conference.

Low said that Leong was added to a WeChat group in May, which included Hew and the Chinese national.

“They had an interview via the group and Leong gave some of his details that were required for the job. He was promised a job in charge of promotion and marketing.

“Thinking that he had secured a stable job, Leong quit his salesman job in a company in Kuala Lumpur and flew to Manila on June 15. Upon his arrival, Leong’s passport was taken from him and he was told it was for the purpose of applying for a work permit,” he said.

“He was then brought to a 15-storey building, which is still under construction, in Tasig City and was revealed by the person in-charge that he will be working in an illegal online gambling centre,” he added.

Low also said Leong was threatened with torture if he did not follow the rules or tried escape.

“After working for a day, Leong decided to quit the job and he was told to pay compensation amounting RM13,000. Leong was also threatened with a video clip of a man getting tortured in a dark room by the employers.

“Fearing for his life, Leong contacted his brother-in-law and requested the money be paid to them. He was kept in a room with seven people for 10 days and returned to Malaysia on June 26 after completing the payment,” he said.

Meanwhile, Leong said that he had lodged a police report on July 1 at the Kampung Tawas station here as he fell sick when he got back home.

“I was also afraid to inform this matter to the Malaysian Embassy in the Philippines as the employer told me that they have insiders.

“Furthermore, the security who guards the workers in the centre are also armed with guns. That’s why I chose to pay them the compensation,” he said.

Low said there were many dubious job offers on social media sites and urged the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to take the necessary action promptly.

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