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Malaysian Police Arrested Gambling Syndicate

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Malaysian police arrested 100 Chinese nationals suspected of involvement in an illegal online gaming syndicate that target gamblers from China.

Police said they arrest all of the Chinese suspects along with a Malaysian suspect during simultaneous raids on four bungalows in a posh neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday morning.

The 101 in custody, who range from 19 to 65 years old, were also suspect of belonging to an unlicensed stock investment syndicate.

From the four premises, police seized 66 laptops, 23 personal computers, 555 mobile phones, 11 modems and eight routers.

Police had monitored alleged members of the syndicate for a month before launching Wednesday’s raids at the bungalows, rental properties believed to have housed servers for the online gambling website. 

The syndicate targets victims in China and all transactions, payments are made through WeChat Pay as well as banks there. The number of victims is estimated to be over 1,000 people.

All of the suspects are being held and investigate under Malaysia’s Common Gaming Houses Act as well as under the Immigration Act for staying in the country without proper travel papers.

The Chinese citizens working for the syndicate had their movements confined to the bungalows where the raids took place.

They were prohibited from leaving or entering the other units. Food and beverages were believed to be managed by the syndicate.

The international syndicate employing Chinese made Malaysia a base of operations because of easy access to the Southeast Asian country.

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