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Mystic Dreams Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Mystic Dreams Slots Game Review

How, stranger. Come join us in the peace teepee.

Trek the tremulous snowy mountains of the Mystic Dreams slots game. Discover who the mysterious natives hidden in the cold and arid tundra of the treacherous mountain villages when you play this online slots game by the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

Smoke the peace pipe and join the spiritual journey to rediscover your true self when you play this online slots game.

The Mystic on the Mountains

The Penobscot Indians believed that an evil spirit, called Pamola (he curses on the mountain) resided, during the summer season, on the top of Mount Katahdin  (the greatest of mountains.) They offered sacrifices to him to appease him, so that he should not curse them, or otherwise injure them. Although they hunted and fished in the woods and lakes around Mount Katahdin, yet they never attempted to go on the top of that mountain, in the assurance that they would never be able to return from that place, but be either killed or devoured by the evil spirit Pamola. They pretended to have seen this spirit on the top of the mountain on several occasions while hunting or fishing around it. It was but till late, that they have attempted to ascend that mountain. It is not long since that a party of white people desired to go on the top of Mount Katahdin, and took some Indians to accompany them as guides. The Indians escorted them to the foot of the mountain, but they refused to go further, fearing to be either killed or devoured by Pamola.

No persuasion from the party could induce them to proceed further; on the contrary, the Indians tried to dissuade the party from ascending the mountain, speaking to them of this evil spirit, and how many Indians had been killed or devoured by him, and that no man ever returned, who dared to go on Mount Katahdin. The Indians, however, were prevailed upon to wait for the descent of the party, who, in spite of the remonstrance of the Indians, ascended the mountain by themselves, without guides. They were quite surprised to see the party back, as they entertained no hope of their return, believing with certainty that they had been killed or devoured by Parnola.

Start Playing Mystic Dreams Slots Game

When you start playing the Mystic Dreams online slots game, you first have to make a few important choices which will heavily affect the outcome of your games. You will have to decide on the coin size, the coins, and the bet amount. The coin size is the amount in MYR which will be represented by each coin. The coins is the number of coins you wish to bet on each line in the game. If you would like to start the game as quickly as possible, you can simply adjust the Bet option – this will automatically alter the previous two options so that it will match your requested bet amount. The more you bet on each spin, the bigger the amount of your wins whenever you make matches on the reels! In the Mystic Dreams slots game, there are two hundred and forty three ways to make matches, giving you a great amount of chances to make matches and win it big!

The Wild symbol is represented by the Teepee symbol. Whenever you hit the Teepee Wild symbol, you have a bigger chance of making matches – the Teepee Wild symbol helps you substitute for all symbols, including the scatter symbol.

The Bird Totem Symbol is the Scatter symbol in this slots game. The Scatter symbols will multiply your wins by the total bet staked. Wins are added to way wins, and pays left to right. When you hit three, four or five of the Scatter symbol, it will trigger ten, fifteen or twenty free spins. The Teepee Scatter symbol on reels two, three and four will have a two times (2x), three times (3x) and four times (4x) multiplier respectively. Free spins can be re-triggered. Win up to twenty four times (24x) multiplier if multiple wilds form the same winning combination!

Play Mystic Dreams Slots Game today!

Take the trek of your life up the mystical magic mountain.

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