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NBA Players Calls for Boycott of Playoffs

by sam.h

Following the most recent development, many players across the NBA have called for the boycott of the NBA season

The NBA restart in Orlando has been progressing smoothly, with 22 NBA teams residing in the Orlando hotel. The season was well underway with all teams having played eight games to decide the seeding for the playoffs. With two weeks into the playoffs, most first round series were almost finished – then the unprecedented happened.

Following the incident of Jacob Blake who was a victim of racial violence, many NBA players felt very strongly about injustice racial profiling. Many players converged together with a strong statement – boycott the NBA playoff to send a message calling for police reform.

Shams Charania: The Lakers and Clippers have voted to boycott the NBA season. Most other teams voted to continue. LeBron James has exited the meeting.

Tweet from Shams Charania, NBA informer

Two of the highest profile teams of the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers have voted for the boycott. Similarly, other high profile teams in the eastern conference, the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks have voted the same as well.

As a result, all three playoff games scheduled for 26th August (GMT -4) has been canceled. We will see what the following development will lead to as the situation progresses.

Most of the league front office has not seen this coming and are trying to adjust accordingly. This will be the second time the season has had to meet an abrupt stop, the first time caused by the global pandemic. The current NBA season just might go down as one of the most significant one.

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