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Ocean’s Call Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Ocean’s Call Slot

Hello, brave sailor~ Would you come into the ocean with me?

Sexy mermaids have appeared throughout the ocean, and among them, is a seductive siren. Many a sailor have fallen to their charms, and have joined them to experience things beyond their wildest dreams! Would you heed the Ocean’s Call?

The Call of the Siren

Legends speak of sirens, magical creatures that take the form of nubile young women. They possess a singing voice said to be the most beautiful sound any man could hear, and any man who hears their voice will fall in love with them. Their songs can be heard from miles away at sea, and many a sailor have followed their voices to discover treasures beyond their wildest dreams – never to be heard from again.

The Ocean’s Call slots game takes on a theme of classical sexuality – the backdrop of the open ocean intermingling with the soothing yet sensual tune of harps, bringing on a serene and even angelic mood, rustling the loins. The slots reels feature several mermaids and a siren in their respective seductive poses, further rustling the loins. There is also an exquisite tiara, an ancient scroll and a magical harp featured on the reels – not very loin-rustling, but necessary to complete the theme without being too overt.

Start Playing Ocean’s Call Slots Game

Before you embark on your journey into the Ocean’s Call slots machine, young hero, you must first make your preparations. To begin, you must first choose the amount of MYR that each coin will represent in the slots game. You must also choose the number of lines you wish to wager on. You may bet on any number of lines between one and twenty lines. The more lines you wager on, the higher your chances of making matches and winning big! Finally, you must choose the bet level. The bet level is the number of coins you wish to bet on per line. This will influence the outcome when you make matches. The bigger your bet, the bigger your wins!

The “Wild” symbol is represented by the Siren. The Siren is the only sexy female character in the slots game that possesses legs. The Wild Siren is able to substitute for any of the other symbols in the slots reels, helping you make matches easily and winning your spins!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The Harp is the Scatter symbol in the Ocean’s Call slots game. When you make matches of three or more with the Harp Scatter symbol, you will instantly win ten free games! The oceans in the background will turn turbulent, and the music rises in intensity to match your loins. During the free games, watch out for the Anchor symbol! Whenever you collect three Anchor symbols, three extra free games are awarded to you!

The sailors of ancient times gambled everything to meet these beautiful nubile sirens. Whenever you win a spin on the Ocean’s Call slots game, you are also presented with the opportunity to gamble your winnings for a chance to double up!

Control your luck, and grab opportunity presented to you on a hot streak!

Join these luscious mystical creatures as they beckon to you, and stand a chance to win big in Malaysian Ringgit! Start playing Ocean’s Call online digital slots machine by today

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