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How to Start Your Own Online Casino?

by new_c_admin
staring your own online casino

Risk vs Returns

The Online Casino business can be a very lucrative business, the keyword here is “can be”. Like any other business online or offline, there are many risks involved and very often the higher the risk the higher the rate of return. Never invest and/or gamble with money you need for your day to day and family.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Asia?

The Philippines is the only licensor for online gaming in Asia, with only one LARGE CAVEAT – It is legal to host Gaming Operations in the Philippines but you cannot allow Filipinos to play. And in no other country in Asia is Online Gambling allowed – why would any country let another country benefit at their loss?

In recent years, China (the largest market for online gambling) has been using all forms of tactics active and passive to coerce, threaten and persuade nations to ban Chinese from participating in the running and allowing them to play on online casinos.

Cambodia now has banned all forms of gambling (both online and offline), most speculate it to be pressure from China (which is one of the country’s largest investors). But with this ban, all that has happened is the activity has gone underground to Cambodia’s neighbours Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Market

The largest markets for online casino are typically where the larger population are, in this part of the world you are looking at countries like China (1.386 billion), India (1.339 billion) and closer to Malaysia (31.62 million) we have Indonesia (264 million), Vietnam (95.54 million), Thailand (69.04 million).

Asia’s Online Gaming Market 2020 – GamingSafe

0.1% of 3.185 billion would make it a whopping 3.185 million people (that’s half of Singapore’s population)!

How much would it cost to start my own Online Casino?

It depends on which country you are targeting and where you are obtaining the IT services to get you started, let us explain (delve a little into the finer details). IT is large part of the initial and running cost of an online casino, a reliable Gaming Service Provider (a company with a platform and games to support) would probably ask for a minimum 5 digit figure (MYR 30,000 to 100,000) to help you get started. If you want to Do-It-Yourself, the figure would go into the 6 digits (MYR 500,000 to 1,500,000) and the time it would take is a lot longer.

What you Need to Start your own Online Casino

  • Domain Name (this should suit your demographic – country, target audience, sex (mainly male), type (mass vs high value)
  • Gaming Service Provider (to provide the platform and games e.g. Playtech, PlaynGo, Ezuji, Asia Gaming, AllBet, iSoftBet, Microgaming, 918Kiss, 918Plus, XE88, Mega888, and Habanero – just to name a few)
  • Sportsbook Provider (iBCBet and BTi)
  • Payment Processor (Click Here)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (Inhouse or Outsourced)
  • Other forms of Marketing (Social Media and Messaging)
  • Call Center (this is your frontline! – customer-facing)

Marketing Marketing Marketing!

There are thousands of online casino out there and more are popping up every day, without serious marketing dollars behind you be prepared for a rude shock. Some of the more popular keywords in Malaysia include: –

  • online casino malaysia
  • casino online malaysia
  • 918kiss
  • i1scr
  • xe88
  • mega888

Asides from SEO, there are a few popular forums with a good strategy you could get some healthy traffic.

Beware the Bonus Hunters!

All online casinos New or those who have been around for a while will depend on bonuses for a portion of their players, casinos do not like to use bonuses because bonus hunters are never loyal to the site and only what bonus they can get. Once the bonus goes away or another site comes up with a more attractive bonus – they fly faster than a bat out of hell.


  • Is it worth it? Yes, the market is there and it is huge.
  • Is it for you? It might be or it might not – this you can only answer yourself.

We hope this article has cleared up more doubts than it has raised questions, if you have some ideas for articles, do write in to us at [email protected].

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