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Why does live chat work for some online casinos, and some not?

by new_c_admin

Online Casinos lack the face to face interaction of brick and mortar casinos. Asides from fancy graphics (that is fast loading) and fast payouts, live chat is the key factor.

Live chat on online casinos either make or break the site, the mere existence of live chat does not make the site a trusted online casino. This we term as the ‘hardware’, anyone can go out and get one. What is the key factor is the ’software’ behind it, and this is none other than the customer service agents behind the scenes working round the clock 24×7.

The customer service agents who handle the mundane deposit, withdrawal, bonus, and other betting issues are the front-line, How these people serve you is how your online casino will be perceived.

Good live chat software such as LiveChat can only give you the tools, the rest is up to careful recruitment, proper training, mystery shopper programmes and constant improvement and adjustment to player and market changes.

Online Casinos in the gray market such as Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc) are the wild west of online gaming. Where there are no rules, the market dictates.

Live Chat is not meant to only serve the player when he has an issue, a good customer service team should also up-sell. How you make a player play more, play longer and keep coming back. This is what keeps Great Online Casinos at the top of our Trusted Gaming Sites for Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia

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