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SEO for Online Casino Sites

by new_c_admin

Online Casino Malaysia – Keyword of Choice?

Search Engine Optimisation has always been where sites of all sorts battle it out for visitors (for the sake of this article, we focus on the keyword ‘online casino malaysia‘). Back in the day there were many search engines battling for your loyalty but these days Google seems to be the search engine of choice with it being set on many browsers and devices as the default.

In South East Asia, where Online Casino Sites are operating in the unregulated space the battle is even tougher. When there are no rules, you make up your own as you go along. In regulated markets such as Europe, even advertising on the internet has its guidelines. If you test them, you risk losing your license.

Online Casino Malaysia - Google
Online Casino Malaysia

Taking Google as an example, Google suggests keywords as you type in the search field. However, the volume of searches is not indicative based on the sort order. We did a simple test which you can do on any SEO analysis tool on the net – paid or free (we used semrush – we’ll explain why in a future article).