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Online cockfighting in the Philippines have some push back

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Online cockfighting in the Philippines have some push back

Online cockfighting appears to be on the fast track to legalization and regulation in the Philippines, but it was bound to have some push back.

Although legislators are making the first steps to making the activity safer and easier to tax, the Catholic Church has now come out against the activity, while local authorities continue to make arrests.

The Bishop of Balanga, Ruperto Santos, has come out against online cockfighting, locally known as e-sabong.

“What we need in this time COVID-19 is spiritual recovery, moral ascendancy, not promotion of vices and proliferation of any form of gambling,” he said in a November 24 interview. “This online sabong will never be blessing to our country, as it will only be source of problems in the community and division in the family.”

Although Santos considers cockfighting to be a “social malady,” the Catholic church doesn’t hold the same sway it once did in Philippines politics.

Although the vast majority of Filipinos are catholic, President Rodrigo Duterte has maintained high popularity despite going against the church with his war on drugs, and repeated slights against the priesthood, like calling them “sons of bitches.”

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