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Online Football Betting: Going For Goal

by new_c_admin

Did you know that the EPL was valued at over £25 billion in 2019? It’s no surprise that football is both the world’s most popular sport and most betted sport, taking up around 70% of all sports betting globally. As football matches resume across the globe, it’s time to take your game to the next level and into the fascinating world of online football betting.

Why Football Betting?

We love sharing our passions with like-minded people, and sports unites people across different backgrounds and countries. That said, simply spectating can be stifling at times, and betting brings about additional engagement – both with the team you support and other people betting alongside you, even if they are rooting for the opposing team.

Contrary to popular belief, football betting isn’t just a simple gamble of who wins a match, but a complex affair requiring constant attention and up-to-date information on clubs, players and managers’ performance. Factoring in the various options for betting and varying payouts, it constantly keeps you on your toes and encourages collaboration and discussion with fellow betters.

How Betting Works

A unique element of football betting in Malaysia and Asia is the presence of the Asian Handicap. In many other places, football betting has three fixed outcomes – home team wins, away team wins, or a draw. In Asia, the draw outcome is eliminated through giving the fan favourite a handicap – essentially requiring a number of additional goals to be scored to be considered a win for a bet.

For example, if a home team has a handicap of 1 goal, they need to score at least 2 goals over the away team to be considered a win for betters. Handicaps can also be in fractions, such as ¼, as odds are adjusted based on factors such as player performance, health and injuries. In the case of a draw, a portion of the stakes will be refunded, and the remaining portion either lost or gained.

Other betting options exist, such as betting specific goals for half time and full time. With a wide range of options available, it is definitely worth reading up more before you dive right into football betting. You might wonder, why all the complexity? These handicaps help even the odds and make betting more challenging, but also means the potential for betters to win is higher, since the payout for betting on either team usually increases.

Online betting is as simple as signing up at a site, processing your deposit, and you’re ready to go. Football betting usually commences at the same time football games are live – often following the times in Europe where matches, such as EPL matches, are being played. As always, check the sites and relevant local timings for the matches you are following.

Useful Tips For Newcomers

While there are many more complex tips once you go deeper into online football betting, here are some basic tips to get started.

Understand the bets you are making; and not simply picking one because the payout is better than others. Take time to research how much you stand to get back or lose, even if it’s a small amount. It’s a great habit to cultivate as you venture deeper and bet higher amounts.

For enthusiasts, many betting sites provide a wealth of data about teams, their players and lineups. It’s essential to have bookmarked sites that deliver the best, most updated prediction odds and data. You can also join online forums and betting communities in Malaysia to discuss strategies and hot picks, and find like-minded friends too.

Above all, don’t forget to stay safe and secure, keeping your personal details to yourself and trusting only reputable online sites. Visit Gamingsafe for a list of reviewed and approved football betting sites in Malaysia, and start going for goal!

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