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Online gambling raided in Bangkok

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Online gambling raided in Thailand

Three South Korean men have been arrested following a raid on a Bangkok condominium used as a base for an online gambling operation with 3 million baht in monthly turnover.

Tourist police used a search warrant approved by the North Bangkok Court to enter a condominium in the Srikakarin area on Wednesday where they arrested Lee Seungu, 27, Jeong Dawoon, 27, and Kim Yong-tae, 35.

Tourist police commissioner Chettha Komolwantana said the trio ran MD-KKK.com, a sports gambling website aimed at South Korean customers. Police also confiscated seven desktop computers, two laptops, 16 monitors, two telephones and five one-time-password code receivers.

Pol Lt Gen Chettha said the three suspects entered the country as tourists about three months ago. They were each paid 60,000 baht a month to look after the Bangkok-based operation, which served about 300 South Korean gamblers and had monthly turnover of 3 million baht, he added.

The three were charged with illegally colluding in online gambling. Police plan to contact South Korean authorities to expand the investigation.

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