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Online gaming can benefit mental wellbeing

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Online gaming can benefit mental wellbeing

A workshop in Porirua will help parents and teachers explore how online gaming can be good for young people’s health and wellbeing.

The free workshop – Child Development, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Gaming (Porirua) – is part of the nationwide Techweek19 festival, which focuses on innovation that’s good for the world.

It will be held at Whitireia on Saturday 25 May, from 2pm to 5pm.

The event is part of the Learn With League initiative, designed by Sydney based Riot Games to connect with young people on their digital journeys and equip them with critical life skills.

“Our workshops allow parents, families and teachers to explore competitive gaming as a way to foster a child’s holistic development, mental health and wellbeing,” says Riot Community and Social Play Manager Ivan Davies.

“Similar to traditional sports, video games are a major part of our children’s lives, at a critical time in their lives and we have a chance to use this platform to help build lifelong habits that can inform their future success.”

The workshop will discuss the role gaming plays in a young person’s life, understand the importance of health and balance and consider the role of teachers and parents.

“We all learn through play. Finding ways to guide and support the League of Legends playing experience will empower educators, parents and young people to foster self-discovery, group connection and positive communities.”

League of Legends is a co-operative five-a-side team game with potent learning opportunities for young people in integrity, online behaviour and emotional management, he says.

This event is produced in conjunction with Porirua City Council and Arepa Gamers Club.

For Arepa, the event aligns with its tikanga to encourage positive community interactions and facilitate learning opportunities through gaming and machine learning, says Director Sio Paese.

“At Arepa we use games as a tool to bring our community together and connect with our young people to provide new, positive and exciting opportunities.”

Tickets for the free event can be booked at techweek.co.nz. It will require participation in a range of activities that require light physical activity so participants should wear flat soled shoes, and comfortable, flexible clothing.

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